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Now you can Wash and clean your Facebook Profile using a new application called FaceWash simply visiting the website http://facewa.sh

Deleting unwanted posts is a difficult task as there may be hundreds and thousands of post in a Facebook profile but through Face Wash this task is simplified and one can delete or hide an unwanted post easily.

How to Wash your Facebook Profile

Visit the website http://facewa.sh and click on Get Started and you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to login to your Facebook profile. 

Once you had login to your Facebook profile you will be asked to click on Go to App on the Social Scrubber. Then click on Allow on the pop up box appears. 

Then Click on Start. You can type any word before click on start if you like to delete posts with a particular dirty word or Facebook will automatically search with a list of dirty words and displays all the results. 

Face Wash will work for you by searching posts and comments and clean your Facebook. You can delete the post or hide it from your profile. 

For more details or any queries please mail to info@facewashapp.com

Wash your Facebook Profile using FaceWash and get a clean Profile by visiting the website http://facewa.sh

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