Zero Waste Campaign for Schools in Kerala Participate and Win Cash Prizes

Schools in Kerala can Participate in a Campaign called Zero Waste and get a chance to win Rs 1,00,000 as Prize by keeping their school clean without any waste. 

Schools in Kerala can participate in this campaign which includes Upper Primary School, Higher Secondary School, VHSE, CBSE, ICSE, Government Aided and UnAided Schools. 

Entire Students of the School can participate in this campaign. The school should be clean without any waste and it can be done within next 3 months. The School should be clean before 10th January 2013.

Once you have uploaded your school area photos (Current situation of those places mentioned above) and complete your registration you have to clean those areas before 10th January 2013 and a Jury will make a secret visit to your school and value it.

Once all the schools upload their photos 200 schools will be selected from the list and from those 200 schools 10 schools will be selected after visiting the schools and evaluate how much clean the school area is, From those 10 schools winners will be selected.

  • First Prize: Rs 1,00,000
  • Second Prize: Rs 50,000
  • Rs 5000 will be provided for 8 schools

You have to clean those areas which you had uploaded inorder to be a winner. 

For more details you can call 9744175303 (Monday to Friday) or mail to

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