Motor Vehicles Dept Kerala - Vehicle and Number Details

Motor Vehicles Department of kerala had included a facility in this website which helps the public to know the Vehicle Details if the vehicle number is given which had the owner name, Tax details and its expiry, Model and date of Purchase of vehicle etc.
If you like to know the numbers alloted to vehicles in a concerned RTO it can be available in the website and if a person want to apply for a number he can check it in the website which helps to know whether the number is booked by anyone.

If a previous number is purchased through auction then the amount spend for the number also will be available in the site and the owner in which the number is registerd and the other members participated in the aution etc..

Any person can get the full details concerning the vehicle and the number in any RTO in Kerala through this website.  You can apply for the reneawal of Licence through online using this site. 

Vehicles department of kerala tries to make all the facilities available to the public through online which helps to save time and money of the people and the processing of application will become easy to those working in the department.

Ownership of a particluar vehicle is available in the website by searching through the vehicle number and if a vehicle is found which do not have number plate you can get the vehicle number by searching by giving the engine number or chasis number.

Please visit the official website of Kerala Motor vehicles department for getting all the details about kerala rto

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